“What will an EFTPOS Terminal cost me?”

In providing EFTPOS and point of sale, it would come as no surprise that one of the top questions we get asked is simple, “What will it cost me?”

Unfortunately, this is never a straight forward and easy answer that we can provide, as there are multiple charges that make up the final total bill of operating an EFTPOS Terminal.

Terminal Cost

This is the cost of the terminal through either us, or your chosen Paymark accredited reseller. This can be either a rental charge, lease charge or a one-off purchase of a terminal.

Paymark Fee

For a standard terminal connected to the Paymark network over an internet connection (hardwired or WiFi), Paymark will charge a monthly fee of $18+gst.

This Paymark fee registers your terminal to the Paymark network, and by default allows you to accept bank-issued EFTPOS cards (not credit cards), without any additional fees or charges taken from the processed transactions.

Merchant Fees

This is where things start getting a little unpredictable. If in addition to accepting bank-issued EFTPOS cards, you also wish to accept credit cards (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, American Express etc), you will need to touch base with your chosen bank to arrange a merchant facility.

These merchant facilities usually come with a monthly minimum charge, and take a percentage value of the transactions processed through your terminal for credit cards. This fee can vary, and is based on the risk profile of your business, number of transactions and average transaction value.

Other Fees

In addition to the three main fees above, there can also be additional fees, such as:

  • SIM Card & Data
    If you are wanting to use your terminal out and about, without a permanent connection to the Internet, you’ll also have a cost of a SIM Card and any data used on this SIM Card.
    We can offer mobile data SIM cards + fair use data for use with EFTPOS terminals for $12+gst per month.
  • Contactless payments
    Contactless payments can sometimes also attract additional charges in addition to the normal merchant facility percentage fee. It’s important to check with your bank to be clear about any additional charges for accepting contactless payments.

All of this brought together, with all parties involved, then gives you your total charges and fees for accepting EFTPOS and credit cards (if desired).

For all your EFTPOS and point of sale enquiries, give Aorangi EFTPOS a call today – your local, trusted and accredited Paymark reseller.

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